Give yourself peace of mind because I'm here to help you avoid any serious problems that you may have in the future. I offer advice on how to prevent problems with your feet such as wearing well fitting shoes.

Efficient biomechanical assessment in Bolton

Are you suffering from foot, ankle or lower limb pain? I want to hear from you. With years of experience on foot-related problems you can be sure to get an efficient biomechanical assessment service in Bolton for an affordable price.

Complete foot assessment for you

Willcock Podiatry can give you a complete biomechanical foot assessment that will help you understand the problems in your feet and address them accordingly. No matter what the issue is, I have the knowledge to give you a wide range of treatments or expert advice to solve the problem.

Dealing with a wide range of problems

Biomechanical assessment, a call away

You’re in the safest of hands with me. With more than three decades of experience, I will provide a diagnosis and treatment plan, offering a variety of solutions tailored to your foot problem. Willcock Podiatry perform biomechanical assessments to help stabilise the foot and give you relief.


Biomechanical assessments are useful for a range of complaints such as heel pain, foot pain, shin splints, tendonitis, gait analysis and much more.

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