Diabetic Risk Assessment

The assessment of your feet will help us understand your condition better and we can help and advise you on taking the right steps in protecting your feet efficiently. Get your foot assessment done by the experts who are always ready to help you.

Diabetic foot assessment service in Bolton

Diabetes can cause a lot of problems and affect the lower limbs in many ways. Getting a diabetic foot assessment done is very important to ensure that there are no problems and that your feet are in a good condition.

Foot screening for your safety

By undergoing certain tests for your feet you can avoid any serious problems that may occur in the future. If you are diabetic it is even more important for your feet to be monitored by a professional. You can get your foot assessment done with Willcock Podiatry in Bolton which is within easy reach of Radcliffe, Hawkshaw and Worsley.

You’re in safe hands

Expert advice tailored to you

You can put your trust in me. I offer diabetic foot assessments, checking pulses and sensation in the foot. I also provide general advice and guidance in relation to your diabetes, providing you with all the support you need in order to maintain healthy feet and a healthy lifestyle.


I offer a wide range of podiatry services from biomechanics and ingrown toenails to fungal infections and corn, callus and verruca treatments. Please contact me today for more information or to book an appointment.

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